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We are critical care society seeking to promote the highest standards of intensive care & critical care medicine for all without boundaries.

We are a known organization that can facilitate and enable collaborative efforts in research, training & education to raise the standards of care and improves outcomes for patients.

SCCS is under the umbrella of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) and the leadership of the organization is provided by an Executive Committee comprised of the President and eight (8) Board Members whom serve a term of office for 3 years.  

SCCS just recently joined Middle-East Critical Care Assembly (MCCA) and now a partner for promoting the highest standard of care for ICU patients.  The society is headquartered near the Dar Al Uloom University in Exit 7, Al Falah Riyadh, KSA where all the activities, symposiums & trainings held provided with all the needed equipments.

Annual conferences are being held in various hotels throughout the kingdom. The conference is being held scientifically with both local and international speakers from international critical care societies.

We are now the largest & most active critical care society in the middle-east with more than 3000 members and will continue to grow with the coming of years.