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About the SCCS

The Saudi Critical Care Society is on its 9 years of service since January 2007, it is under the umbrella of Saudi Council for health Specialties. Its aim and vision is  on the continues education  focusing on critical care. SCCS has 9 executive board members .  SCCS has Established   different Chapters, such as pediatric ,Respiratory, Neuro and Nursing   Headed by  a  Chairman and members of each chapter. Quarterly  Meeting of each chapter  is designed  to meet with all members respectively.

The Saudi Critical Care society had formulated a total of 21 critical courses out of which is 3  international courses that is collaborated with the society of critical care medicine, European intensive care society, Middle east critical care association. There are assigned  director with its faculty for each course to be able to deliver and meet the demand  for education and learning in the critical care field of medicine. Course are offered continuously all year round. A quarter calendar is made available on the website.

With the aim to reach the healthcare community with ease, SCCS has started conducting courses in the eastern western region( through Sukoon International Training Center )  as a course venue in both regions respectively.

SCCS has its Database that has 3,500 active members of the society, a member  receives a monthly newsletters, course advertisement  in return of their  untiring support .SCCS membership is made available with its corresponding benefit,  platinum level  member  avails  a full free course registration both onsite and online courses (free access) for the whole year.

During the increasing cases of MERS CoV  the ministry of health and Saudi Critical Care Society together with the Saudi commission of health specialties  has successfully  educate 2,973 healthcare community coming from 12 hospitals in different cities in the KSA, having the training center situated both in Jeddah and Riyadh simultaneously . This MEGA  training has successfully delivered the much needed awareness of the disease.  Course offered were ECMO, CRRT,FCCN, ARCCA,CCIC and FCCS. There were 105 physicians who participated as a course  instructors  during the 4 months extensive  “MERS CoV  Education Week”

Having went through the 7th annual conference successfully, SCCS had trained   their own staffs the expertise in the” Event  organizing and management”   of a simple  symposium to a grand conference   at any time of the year. SCCS hope  this gives  you an information that you  can  use our resources in  any similar event in the future.

The SCCS Headquarter is designedwith 2 Lecture hall that could accommodate up to 100 attendees. A 3 conference  room with 20 seats. 8 huge halls with 50 seats capacity and a total of 30 workshop room designed to accommodate 20 seats ( workshops and hands on) and   all these rooms are  fully equipped with audiovisual  equipment.