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Welcome Message to SCCS 2017
I am happy to welcome you to the 8th annual Saudi Critical Care Society conference and scientific meeting. (SCCS-2017) The conference this year will be held in the beautiful facilities at Inaya Medical College in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Critical Care Society (SCCS) was founded in 2007 so this year marks our 10th anniversary. Over the years the society has grown steadily into a full service society. The SCCS is heavily involved in critical care education throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia holding more then 180 specialized critical care courses per year. The society has been a major force in helping to improve the level of knowledge through our professional development courses and we hope to expand and improve this venture. 

The SCCS has steadily grown from our humble beginnings ten short years into a full service, professional and fast growing medical society. None of this could be achieved without the support of our membership so I wish to thank all of you who have supported us over the years.

The conference scientific and organizing committees have worked hard to provide you with the best possible conference again this year. We hope you will enjoy this year’s offering. The speakers at this year’s conference are truly regional leaders of the critical care community. 

The pre-conference courses held this year at that the SCCS Headquarters offer a varied and wide variety of choices for all professions involved in the professions of critical care. We will continue our tradition of delivering high quality critical care educational programs to our community. 

I welcome you to SCCS 2017 as our guests; please enjoy your conference and your opportunity to interact with some of the premier members of the critical care world.

Dr. Amin Yousef, MD, FCCP
President, Saudi Critical Care Society

يتقدم سعادة الدكتور أمين بن محمد يوسف رئيس مجلس إدارة الجمعيه السعوديه لطب العنايه الحرجه للدوره الحاليه بإسم كوادر الجمعيه السعوديه لطب العنايه الحرجه إدارة وموظفين بخالص الشكر والتقدير لمجلس الإداره السابق وأعضاؤه الموقرين على مابذلوه وقدموه من جهود وخدمات في مجال الرعايه الحرجه

كما ويهنئ سعادته المجلس الحالي بصدور قرار هيئة التخصصات الصحيه تاريخ 24/5/2016 بإعتماد تشكيل مجلس إدارة الجمعيه السعوديه لطب العنايه الحرجه المنتخب لدورته الرابعه والمؤلف من:

1.   د/ أمين محمد يوسف                         رئيس مجلس الإداره

2.   د / خالد عبد الرزاق مغربي                    نائب الرئيس

3.   أ / سعد محيسن الحارثي                        الأمين المالي

4.   د / ياسر حسين مندوره                             عضوا

5.   أ / أنس أحمد عمرو                                 عضوا

6.   د / محمد عبدالله الطميحي                          عضوا

7.   د / عوض عبدالله العمري                          عضوا

8.   د/ عدنان ناصر الغامدي                            عضوا

9.   د / سلطان عبدالمحسن الطيار                     عضوا

وكل عام وانتم بخير

HE Dr. Amin Bin Mohamed Yousif, president of Saudi critical care Society on the current fourth session and on behalf of SCCS management and employee send a sincere thanks and appreciation to the previous SCCS board members for their unlimited efforts and services that they provided in the field of critical care

Also he congratulates the present Council with the issuance of the approval decision from the Saudi commission for health specialist (SCHS) Dated 05/24/2016 that accredited the current elections results for SCCS executive board members for its fourth session which consist of:

1.   Dr. Amin Yousef                     SCCS president

2.   Dr. Khalid Maghrabi                Vic president

3.   Mr. Saad Alharthi                   Finance officer

4.   Dr. Yaser Mandourah               Member

5.   Mr. Anas Amr                             Member          

6.   Dr. Mohamed Altumaihi          Member

7.   Dr. Awad Alomari                      Member

8.   Dr. Adnan Alghamdi                  Member

9.   Dr. Sultan Altayar                       M

2nd Trans-Middle East Critical Care Conference
Sudan, Khartoum - April 28th & 29th, 2017
In collaboration with Middle East Critical Care Assembly & Sudanees National Council of Health Speciality

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