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Thank you for joining 7th International Critical Care Conference
Riyadh, KSA - April 19th to 21st, 2016
Amman, Jordan - April 23rd & 24th,2016

  • we are critical care society
  • We are a society accredited by SCFHS
  • We have a partnership with MCCA and SCCM
  • we offer membership with various benefits
  • we provide courses with cme accreditation
  • we do annual conferences
  • Upcoming activities
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Thanks for making SCCS conference a success


As head of the Conference Organizing Committee of Saudi Critical Care Society and on behalf of the Executive, Scientific and Organizing Committees, I would like to sincerely thank you all for making the 7th Annual International SCCS Conference a success.

The 1st Tans-Middle East Conference was also a successful thank to the team in Jordan. I would like to personally thank all those whos efforts helped us deliver yet another successful SCCS conference.

The SCCS staff and Executive Board thank all who participated in this year's event and we would not the leading medical society in the region without your continued support and loyalty. We hope to see you next year at SCCS 2017.

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